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Originally Posted by necromancer View Post
I've booked my Dublin hotel.. but I'm still hoping for Baku to work out. I got 1 ticket apiece for 2 Baku group matches - which is pretty useless. Wife didn't get any (she had applied for 4 each for the same matches). But she got an email that unsuccessful applicants would get a chance very soon when current successful guys don't pay for allocated tickets before the 18th.

So there's an outside chance we could still do Baku. (Which is also the other venue in Italy's group). Fingers crossed.

I just checked the schedule:

Opener is in Rome, then next group A game in Baku the next day. Again, I am taking a guess but provided Italy qualify it would make sense for them to start at the Olimpico. If they don't, they won't play in Italy until the 17th of June.

What dates did you get tickets for in Baku? Well, one thing's for sure, provided your wife gets tickets, one of us will definitely get to watch Italy.

Grazie per avermi fatto rossonero!
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