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I find it hard to comprehend exactly what our management's stand is. But I cannot disagree with Tsar here because he has stated facts.

They say they are carefully weighing their options, yet are ready to seal a deal with Suazo over 'dinner' (the matter being brought up there + then itself apparently) without the player's consent - hardly careful by any means.

They feed us stories about their supposed star targets, yet are quick to mention them beyond their financial capacities. What looks like undecided tendencies don't bode well with the fact that there is room for improvement in our squad + our options are being decreased by the day.

I only hope that, with Oil's departure, we get a decent enough striker for cover, and that Ronaldo has a fantastic season, as well as Gila and Gourcuff. Frankly, as in the poll, I've been disappointed too often recently to hope.

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