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Originally Posted by Congo Powers View Post
mad--didnt read the whole post/dont know about the whole discussion...but i agree about cocaine. absolutely no way cocaine enhanced diego's performance...would definitely be a detriment.

case in point:

ever tried to have sex after doing blow all night? lets just say your "performance" will NOT be enhanced
Hehe Congo ... true that. Unless you sprinkle some on her special place and well ... you know She'll love it, but you'll get tired of it quickly
Originally Posted by Milano84 View Post
You realize he's from south america too. The level of potency coming from there>>>>>>>> anything in Europe but thats another discussion like you said, he easily had access to most pure stuff + being the 80s the crackdown wasn't as heavy yet. I know enough about it personally to know that makes all the difference in the world.
Fuck ... was it the baking soda then?

Like I said, there were guys who could handle it well. But I simply couldn't. But I do know good coke when I come across it.

Am i suggesting he did 2 lines and for 90 minutes felt high and ran like a maniac? No. It's also not impossible for him to easily sneak a line or 2 at halftime.
No doubt ... BUT, what does he do after the game? Or during the week? Gradually, it will take its toll on you and IMO Diego would've been a much better player had he been clean, even though thats hard to imagine. I think he even admitted so in Kusturica's movie.

And all I'll say on the subject is, if it's pure a bump will make u feel high for well over an hour.
Agreed ... but we're talking of an addiction. One that suppresses appetite, sleep, senses (feeling) and obviously judgement. I fail to think that it would make him a better player ... bump/high considered. I guess it depends on the person ... some people can handle it better. But in the end, ALL will succumb.

Just for reference the player considered the greatest linebacker in the NFL (american football) was a huge coke addict and admitted to doing it before and during games for better part of his entire peak.
Who is he? Though, of all players, you'd expect a linebacker to be a coke head

BTW, weed is good for concentration ... and I don't mean video games You can break down the details of a sport, I played football and badminton and loved it. I even think I played better ... + I'm sure Congo will agree with me when I say enhancement is in abundance
Originally Posted by MilanoMichael View Post
I knew there was some reason I liked you!

Honestly, its not something to like. But hey ... never had a coke-night out with Milan fans. Maybe someday, us coke-heads of the forum meet up, spend an entire night and morning out with three eight-balls ... kidding, just kidding.
Originally Posted by Milano84 View Post
literally the last thing on earth i'd ever wanna see is you blown
Originally Posted by crazy4milan View Post
It applies in several ways.
Originally Posted by Milano84 View Post
the otherway just doesn't happen for him anymore so it's pointless to reference
Leave Mike alone ...
Originally Posted by akewander View Post
fuckinh helll messi was administerd the drug due to a medical condition he wasnt giving it to burn fat or anything else except of a medical condition, his body wasnt producing enough GH, mutu used drugs for recreational use (cocaine) and as for him using sibutramine he shouldnt be using it as it is a banned substance,

huge diff between using drugs when ur 11 for medical condition and using a banned anti-obesity drug at 31.and the use of coaine as a performance enhancing drug is debatable as there hasnt beig any research to prove it.
And that is the hypocrisy I was talking about in the first place. Why is Sibutramine banned and GH not? Is there a reasonable medical explanation?

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