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Originally Posted by Campione View Post
Not really. We actually have an easier ending of the season as well.

Milan - Genoa
Milan - Bologna
Siena - Milan
Milan - Atalanta
Inter - Milan
Milan - Novara

Cesena - Juventus
Juventus - Roma
Novara - Juventus
Juventus - Lecce
Cagliari - Juventus
Juventus - Atalanta
I do not agree, i think Juve has a easy last 6 games, or we should say equal, at least, so maybe the next 6 games are crucial:

Genoa - Juventus
Fiorentina - Juventus
Juventus - Inter
Juventus - Napoli
Palermo - Juventus
Juventus - Lazio

and on the other hand:

Milan - Lecce
Parma - Milan
Milan - Roma
Catania - Milan
Milan - Fiorentina
Chievo - Milan

If we make the difference now it will be easy to finish the season and not bothering Juve lose or win in the final 6 games. Also have a good chance of progresing and play even better in the Champions leauge, with a less pressure.
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