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Originally Posted by Wet Ones View Post
For me, yes. I have not seen that combination of ball control, speed, power, dribbling, intelligence etc. in ONE player. EVER.

He's had a ton of assists as well but it goes unnoticed because his goal scoring record is ridiculous. Plus the fact that he's been one of the top scorers in every single league he has ever played in. And if you look at most of his goals, he almost always wrong foots the keeper. And I don't think there's ever been a strike partner he's not adjusted to.

The guy was phenomenal.

Messi 24 games / 25 goals (league) - 7 games / 4 goals (UCL)
CR 18 games / 15 goals (league) - 6 games / 7 goals (UCL)

But here's the thing. Messi has been playing with this team, in this league, for over 5 years. CR has come into a new league and is playing for a team that has a bulk of the players playing with each other for the first time. New coach as well. New everything for him in fact.

For me, CR >>>> Messi

Better freekicker. Better header. Can use both feet equally well. Stronger. Apart from being able to tackle, he's as complete as they get.

Edit: Took so long to finish this Milano already came up with something similar
Originally Posted by Milano84 View Post
MAdridista + Wet ones r underselling Messi, no doubt BUT the one thing I don't agree with is Messi is shoulders above him:

LA Liga + UCL (I am not counting copa del rep and club world cup)
C.Ronaldo 24 games- 22 goals, 5 assists

L.Messi- 31 games, 29 goals, 9 assists

Both are phenomenal but everyone wants to discount fact Ronaldo 1) has been hurt and it hasn't effected him. 2) Came into a brand new team with 6 new faces in starting 11 and 3) with all the weight on his shoulders and delivers every game he has played.

On the opposite, messi has had same team (+ ibra) his whole career, particularly same tactic and midfield feeding him. We all know, continuity>all in football.

Messi is great and more exciting to watch but for me it's a no brainer on who i'd want more...(hint: The unstoppable force who wears alot more hair gel)
Am not saying Messi is better but rather saying they r very close , #1 & #2 it can go both ways.
So my discussion isnt about that but rather how some making CR >>>>>> Messi who is just a good player playing with a great team.

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