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Originally Posted by akewander View Post
they are both banned substances!!!!! but theer is a diff between having an 11 year old take them for medical condition and a 31 year old using it as an anti-obesity drug .my point is GH doesnt enhance performance except for physique, but tha wouldnt help you in how to throw a 3 poniter or how to kick a ball or control it or how to punch/box.and in terms of muscle strentgh it doesnt increase it at all it has greater definition /mass thats all.

my point is that saying messi became the footballer that he is now because of him taking GH as a child is wrong there is no science to back it up, the same goes with cocaine theres is no scienctific research to back it up because it is unethical .
I'm sorry, but this is a repetitive argument. Do you think that Messi would have been the player he is now without GH? And do you honestly think it would have less of an effect on a 31 year old player taking sibutramine? Come on ... be honest. Even though I'm not medically sound, without GH, Messi would be SHIT. Age doesn't matter ... what I'm talking about is the hypocrisy involved in FIFA judging what is acceptable and what is not.

IMO, HGH, regardless of age, has a much higher impact on football performances than sibutramine. If someone can prove me wrong on this then I'm willing to hear an explanation.

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