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Default AC Milan Tactics

Title says it all. I think the most interesting discussions that go on here are in one way or another related to tactics, at least to me anyway. And I know the quality posters share this opinion, and eventually these are the ones that matter to me. So basically this is a thread to discuss AC Milan's tactics. Be it by analyzing the current tactics we use or by suggesting different tactical schemes

Lots of potential for quality posts. I know some posters have it in them so please try to focus your posting on something worthwhile instead of getting lost in forum trolling. Here we could try to analyze the way our team currently plays and in turn we'll all learn more about football and the way Milan plays. Also we could attempt suggestions on which tactical changes we think could help the team go forward.

Important Notes:

- Please don't discuss any tactics that include non-Milan players. Only discuss players on our current roster as this isn't a transfer thread.

- Please, don't just suggest a formation. There is a particular thread for that. This thread is for tactics i.e. the strategy our team implements -or you think should implement- in attack and defense. This includes everything from attacking moves to defending set pieces. Posting "We should use 4-4-2" is not related to tactics.

- Please, quality posts only. Don't just say something for the sake of it, try to add quality.

Quality intelligent posters - go nuts.
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