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Just posted this elsewhere but-

Now I'm not in love with idea of moving Thiago from defense. Far from it. But if Mexes shows he can be the player he was pre-injury, and Nesta isn't hurt, we have to consider this a viable option.

We lack CMs, but we do have 3 high quality CBs and one with capability of playing midfield. Until we solidify midfield with signings why not try it?


Would be the Formation on paper, but as we attack I see it taking a shape of this. Nesta and Mexes as CBs spreading a bit. Thiago in a libero role like Roma have been using De Rossi. Let MVB stand put in center of pitch, doing his job, while Aquilani has a little more freedom from the right CM role (which he prefers) to spread play. Robinho would line up right, which isn't his preferred but he would roam, and be our forward most linking to defense. The combo playing off the right would take pressure of Abate to create all the width, and would give him more open channels to cross, something he does well when he's not heavily marked. On the left, Taiwo has freedom to attack the flank, especially with MVB. Cassano's interchange play has been good with both Robinho and Zlatan (when we playd all 3 together, the results weren't bad), and what Robinho allows him to do, which isn't happening now is not have to take the ball deep, where Cassano often loses it, and concentrate more around the bo with Zlatan.

Now where is Pato/Nocerino? Nocerino can be used inplace of Cassano allowing it to be more of a pure 3-5-2 when we attack, it'd give us more defensive solidarity, but would take something away. A good option to close out games, we're leading. Pato on the otherhand can change games with his pace or we could use him at lead forward to play it over the top and use Zlatan in Cassano's role.

Like I said, hardly in love with the concept, but with the options at hand it's foolish to not consider it.

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