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Originally Posted by Kalac#16 View Post
I'd go with 3 at the back before I'd consider Silva at CM, and actually with Abate and Taiwo it could work.
in essence, you'd be able to switch freely between the two ideas. But a big problem Milan's had is retaining possession in midfield and constantly being pushed on it's back leg because of it. Moving Thiago a bit forward when you enter the attacking phase of a game might help that as he's a better passer than MVB, and probably all mids bar seedorf/aquilani, and he might be a better one under pressure cause of his physical abilities to fight off a tackle or simply move faster.

The downside of what I posted above is it buts a lot of pressure on Thiago, and to a degree... robinho/aquilani to link the attack without giving up too much position defensively but at some point...

Milan's gotta think about taking the game to it's opposition as opposed to visa versa. Maybe moving Thiago for time being is the right answer (until proper mids who can do it come).

Another thing I like about this, is it'd give us more legs between Thiago, Abate, Taiwo, Aquilani, Robinho all in positions to press. It might make sense to even drop Cassano for Boateng (who i forgot for some reason to press more. Let Boateng take 'Right AM' role and Robinho to left which he prefers.... Giving Boateng/Abate resonsbility of right flank and pressing there. Robinho/Taiwo/MVB resonsbility of Left flank pressing there, with MVB staying slightly deeper and more central. Thiago infront of defense as a Libero and Aquilani as a higher up CM, pressing there DMs (which he has done decently well) and on attack as the outlet and player who spreads all the play. Now that I think of it, that might be our best lineup.

Time for 10 second diagram ()-

I think it could give us our best combo of work rate + defensive stability with technique. We'd have energy level to actually take the game to an opponent and retain posession.

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Only Milan can punish it's own fans by qualifying for CL. I'm off to sleep, another year wasted. When will this fucker be fired..

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