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Originally Posted by necromancer View Post
Let us just say that I completely dislike the idea of playing a player who's one of the best in his position, in a different position where he is mediocre. Also, I do not think a Nesta-Mexes CB pairing is particularly better than, say, Silva-Yepes. Mexes is a very hot and cold defender. He has great games, and he makes horrendous mistakes. I dont want him to start for Milan.

So the difference is, I trust our midfielders to suck less than the potential suckiness of Mexes at CB and Silva at CM.

Aquilani, van Bommel and Nocerino can hold fort well once they get used to each other.
Ok, I think my biggest issue is I don't trut Nocerino at all. He's fine as our 6th mid, closing out a game a la brocchi or occasional start v. a bad team/coppa match. But overall the drop off from Gattuso is huge.

He doesn't provide anything special in either asset of the game.

Our midfield has just been so terrible, it'd worth looking at Thiago there. He can atleast help us hold possession and dictate play better, and that by default will keep the backline under less pressure.

Originally Posted by necromancer View Post
Yup, Robinho and Cassano behind Ibra could well work, agreed. What I meant was that Robinho can't be a CAM behind Ibra and Pato. That won't work the way Allegri wants his top 3 to move.
The one combo we never used, which i'm annoyed we haven't is cassano/robinho behind Pato.

That might actually provide the service Pato could thrive on.

Of course it means dropping Ibrahimovic, which, well....

Originally Posted by ACmen View Post
Only Milan can punish it's own fans by qualifying for CL. I'm off to sleep, another year wasted. When will this fucker be fired..

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