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Originally Posted by Ash View Post
That is the dilemma, aint it?

But you also gotta consider that Zapata is in the final year of his contract and now is the perfect time to sign him if we dont wanna face much competition...

Maybe have a deal in place that has Zapata remain in Udinese this season and come to us on free next season?

But I'm pretty sure that would fall under 'tapping up' the player...
That was my guess, let Zapata in Udinese one more year. Not sure if all the other clubs in the World will agree not to touch him though.

It also seems that Milan will have to buy the full of Astori now. If he is the choice, let's hope he is ok with one more loan or co-own. But the guy is 24 already, he can't wait all his life for Milan, specially when he has to hold his place in Azzura.
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