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Originally Posted by Ash View Post

Nope it aint hard for me, but I couldnt be bothered at the very least of how 'you' think one should reply.
It obviously was too hard for you because you messed it up

Advantage: Manutd fan.

I called your jokes 'high school' ergo fuckin' childish, try to keep up.
You said: "Nope you aint High School, you are 5, my bad"

Don't change it now. It's there for everyone to see.

Game, set, match: Manutd fan

No you are really not stuck up, you are just full of yourself. I dont need to be more intelligent than you either, a monkey is more intelligent than you. You also happen to be a delusional nutjub who goes off his rocker when he accuses someone of insulting his country when they clearly arent but in turn doing the exact same thing.
Now that's just rude mate. You're clost to hurting my feelings

Also have difficulty distinguishing between a football team and a country
Only when people say "English stuck up arseholes".

Dont worry about me surpassing you, I wouldnt even think of that. After all, who wants intelligence level of someone who is worse than a monkey?
Give it time and you may get promoted to my 'pre-monkey level'
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