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Originally Posted by Ash View Post
You said 'promoted' to pre-monkey level, which automatically gives it a negative connotation. It basially means it 'give it time before you have an intelligence level worse than a monkey's'

I simply replied it will take me 100 years to reach that. Still finding it difficult to comprehend?

You win?

Congrats for winning your imaginary ping pong match

You are a pig. You live in shit, bathe in shit, and eat shit all day so forgive me if I could care less what you would do. Cauz at the end of the day, you can honk all you want, no one would still give a shit (ironic, eh?) about what you honk about...
Read this, then shut it:

Dont worry about me surpassing you, I wouldnt even think of that. After all, who wants intelligence level of someone who is worse than a monkey?
Give it time and you may get promoted to my 'pre-monkey level'
I dont think I can live to be over hundred to be honest
Those are exact quotes. I said you could get promoted, meaning that right now, you're in a lower league than me (the league that you said was behind a monkey). To that you replied you couldn't get there unless you reached 100.

Now do you see it? Good fucking lord. Now, jog on back to your disease ridden, rat infested, mud hut in Bangladesh

Originally Posted by Fiero View Post
You chew shit?

I was inspired by the 2 girls one cup series
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