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Originally Posted by jamminsheva View Post
Hmmm must be the Mangacow scanalations then. They're speedscans so of a lower quality than the TheCompany scans (what Ultra Swan reads) that come out later. Sometimes has shitty translations too.

The blogs are basically SIU's thoughts on the chapter, and clearing up any misconceptions people might have had. Not much to miss.

Then there's another part which translates stuff from another blog of SIU (or might be from the same blog, but not end-of-chapter post), giving an overview of the 15 highest ranked Rankers, detailing of Positions, how Shinsoo works etc. etc. You'll want to read on it if you're really into ToG, otherwise it's not that big of a loss.

upon closer inspection, there are last pages about afterword and company's corner, thought It was scanlator's rambling so I always skipped it

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