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Originally Posted by Allan_Somewhere View Post
Zico and Socrates are two of my favorite footballers but I can't put them above Maradona for the following reasons.

Overall in his career Maradona took teams to the next level consistently in comparison to Zico who helped Flamengo more than Brazil. That Brazil team of 1982 was very talented and should have reached the final but the players didn?t perform well enough against Italy. Gentile specifically marked Zico out of the game.

Anyways on to Maradona. The year Maradona started his career in Argentinos Juniors (1976) the club was fighting to avoid relegation. In 1977 they finished 9th (Diego established himself as a starter at the age of 17); in 1978 they finished 5th; in 1979 they finished 2nd (though it was done in a groups format, so it was 2nd only of the group), and in 1980 Argentinos was title runner-up (back to the normal league format). So you see he carried Argentinos starting at the age of 18. What was more incredible is that he kept Argentinos competing the whole season against giants like River and Boca. For a low-budget team like Argentinos it was an unexpected and truly amazing performance since they were more used to struggling against relegation every year than competing for a title.

Maradona then signs with Boca the next year (1981) and obtains the league title with them before leaving Argentina at the age of 21 to play the next 10 years in Europe. He transferred to Barcelona for a world record fee in 1982 and again broke the world record fee when he moves to Napoli in 1984 (being the only player to ever break a transfer fee twice). In the Argentinian league, Maradona was a more deadly goalscorer than playmaker. Then Maradona played between the ages of 24 and 31 in Italy where he was more of a playmaker than goalscorer. VERY complete attacking player.

The season previous to Maradona's arrival Napoli finishes in the 11th place with 26 points (7 games won and 11 games lost). The first season with Maradona in the squad Napoli finishes in the 8th place with 33 points (10 games won and 7 lost). The following season Napoli is 3rd before reaching the title in 1987. In 1988 Napoli is second only to Milan, in 1989 they are second only to Inter and in 1990 they are champions again. In those years Napoli and Maradona had to compete against Platini's Juventus, Sacchi's Milan, and two very strong Inter and Roma teams. I mean people tend to think Maradona only did wonders for Argentina and Napoli but he has consistently performed for every team. Even in Barcelona he scored 38 goals in 58 games before he got kicked out for fighting players from Atletico Bilbao. Honestly anyone would be angry if they got tackled as violently as Maradona did by Olaskoaga (Butcher of Bilbao).

Overall Maradona was more influential than Zico was for many teams and was much more clutch. He carried Argentina to the final in 1986 and helped them reach the final in 1990 with his assists. One of his best assists ever came against Brazil as well.

People can hate Maradona as a person because of his drug addictions but as a footballer he was extraordinary. Yeah he had two hand ball incidents but he still was able to carry a team based on skill and not cheating. Idk if people realize this but cocaine makes your body weak and would have lowered his performances drastically. However, Maradona was able to play at a high level consistently. People say cocaine enhanced his performances but it didn't. If he never did cocaine he would have been an even greater player. So as much as I like Zico; I can't say he is individually better than Maradona.
Excellent post. But he did say Zico and Romario ... not Socrates

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Any news on Ramos? I donít even mind giving him #3
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