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Let's use the good old pro et contra method to evaluate Ronaldo:
- reasons for Ronaldo:
1. facts and figures - say that he is a world class football player, one of the best in the history when you look at his personal achievments and the trophies he won
2. his abilities - a unique player, evrybody who watched his game even once know what I am talking about. He still has that golden touch and technique.
3. he is a striker who can dribble and make some special moves, things that Pippo and Gila can only dream on doing so he would probably pair well with one of them
4. he can find new motivation in Milanello with his Brazilian pals, including a superstar playmaker like Kaka
5. has experience in Italian football so probably wouldn't take long time to settle in

- reasons against Ronaldo
1. not even close to what he used to be at the moment, I am thinking about his current form, but also he lost much of the speed and agiliity in the past years. Some people would say that's coz...
2. ...he IS FAT - at least 6 kg too much and is NOT DEALING with it (not even Capello didn't doo much about that) which brings me to...
3.... lack of motivation, why else would such a player let himself go like that
4. injury proneness, it would be a disaster for him to get injured again in the...
5. ...age of 30 - typical Milan policy to bring old players. Nothing weird about that, though
6. his transfer would show lack of trust into Oliveira and Pippo who have to be very disheartened with their lack of goals. Bringing Ronaldo would be like pinch of salt on to the wound.
7. financial requirements, I'm not sure what are the details but Real can hardly just let him go without some transfer fee and his contract is VERY HEAVY.

All things considered, I think that our managment made some sorry mistakes over the last years, and this move definitely smells like one of that... On the other hand, we might just get a superstar on a bargain deal and we need a real class striker so he might be the answer. He also might be a joke and a failure and the main question is - IS HE WORTH A GAMBLE? I think that we should try with him only if we get him on a free or almost-free transfer...
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