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Originally Posted by *rossonera*
Originally Posted by Seamus
I know you all are gonna disagree, but please no more Contra, leave him in Spain..
i couldn't agree more!!! he sure would *set our flank on fire* but in a very undesirable way... not only does he lack defensive skills he's also the disruptive kind with a tendency to make some commotion every now and then.... this is *not* what milan needs. after all, he was removed from the roster for a reason!
Yeah, he does cause commotion.......he punched Edgar Davids in the face during the Coppa Berlusconi

Also, Juninho's formation I like, but I have always been an admirer of the 5-3-2 and Junihno has showcased one of the many variations of this formation. The 5-3-2 can become a 3-5-2 or 3-2-3-2 with a strike of the ball. Contra is utilized best in these tactics, which is what Alaves used somewhat during their historic run to the UEFA cup finale, which made Cosmin Contra a household name in this part of the world. I tend to think if you can have 3 defenders in the back that possess the quality of a Nesta, Maldini, Chivu, Legrottaglie, ect, ect.......then using Kaladze and Contra would be ideal. Although, if this is the case, surely you can find someone better than Kaladze for that role.......Zaccardo isn't bad (nevermind that dumb own goal he scored last week ).........

What the hell am I doing........I just remembered we have Carletto as a just go ahead scratch all of this crap I just wasted my time with......maledizione....


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