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Argentina beat Uruguay 4-2

Ok heres goes
So they stayed at second place and will play Peru in the quarter finals. This game was super tough and a whole lot of fouls committed by both teams but mainly uruguay. They had one player who was kicked out "Bizera" and they still tied 2-2 with a ten man team! But eventually Argentina's pressure got the better end of the deal. And Tevez was able to take some pressure off of the other guys and provided some quick flashes of his amazing potential(he provided the final pass for the final goal of the game)he had a good game even though he only played about 20 minutes. Also figueroa played a great game and showed a constant steady attack. its nice to see the number 9 on that team scoring goals. Ill have some more comments later on. One quick comment is that alot of talk was made about not having the goalie Abbondanzieri start in the next game beacuse he has let in alot goals and in this game seemed stuck to the floor for the second goal but we will see what develops. But ill leave the time of the goals that were scored Now we just have to wait for Peru on saturday.
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