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Originally Posted by Andressa M (Bra)
- The biggest "stars" were not included;
Plenty of unfamilier names on both sides.Argentina were missing some big stars too,don't forget it.

Originally Posted by Andressa M (Bra)
Bielsa taking the silver medal off his neck, tucking it away inside his pocket. He was notably ashamed

Ashamed? I think he was heart broken and its natural.

Originally Posted by Andressa M (Bra)
And for those who suported Argentina, sorry
You don't need to be sorry for anyone who supported Argentina or whomever neither its your business.

Congrats on your team's win anyway.

Argentina was better team.They played better football throughout the competition and particularly in the final.They don't deserve to be bashed IMHO.

I am not Argentine nor Brasilian national but believe me Argentina were best team in the copa and they desrved it more than Brasil.

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