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Racism goes unpunished despite revealing replays and Real Madrid reporting it to UEFA:

The "classy" "best player in history":

A slap and (allegedly) religious insult that also goes unpunished despite replays:

The "classy" team strikes again, this time by the substitute GK:

How they won vs us over two legs (yet sadly some Milanisti still say they like and respect the sore loser big mouthed midget diver number 6, including Galliani):

The very classy philosopher talking about his former assistant coach:

The "classy" club turns on the sprinklers so that their opponents can't celebrate reaching their first Champions League final in 44 years:

How could a club like that be even worthy of respect? Open your eyes people, don't ignore the little incidents. Sadly people fall for the image the media wants to portray of how they are so "classy". It truly baffles me when people brand the philosopher or number 6 or number 10 "classy", how did people become so deluded?

This is a despicable entity. And everyone involved in it directly transforms into scum. And I'm not exaggerating. Look at number 14 with Liverpool and how he currently became a shameful diver, look at number 7 and how classy he was in Valencia and now see him dive and (allegedly) insult people's religions. And whoever fails to oblige to their "philosophy" is gone, like Ronaldinho, Deco, Eto'o, Hleb, Henry, Ibrahimovic, and Yaya.

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