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Originally Posted by Goodfella View Post
It never looked to me that we saw Gabriel as a future starter, and it looks like Gabriel felt the same. He probably wants a future in Napoli, but I think they'll run out of patience with him after a few games and they'll send him back to us.
We're bending over for another young player, but I don't think anyone will benefit from this.
Considering that he was one of the best GK-s in Serie B ... it's troubling the lack of trust that we have in youngsters. It's not rocket science that for youngsters to grow they need trust and play time.

Personally have my doubts even if Donnaruma will be a future GK for us. It seems more like our management hypes the shit out of young players to raise their price so that we can sell them for a bigger profit. Can't help but wonder if DeS (or Niang) had an offer for 18 million whether we'd sold them too
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