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Originally Posted by damn View Post
there isn't a wrestling company that can't be accused of this stuff.
everyone botches angles and doesn't give a payoff.

I think tna will get better because it can't get worse

looks like they are gonna reset and go back to the impact zone and maybe switch the ppv model again.
both right decisions.

the things I would do or the things you would do are not the things dixie or vince would do.
they have their own way of working for better or worse.


rumour is tna is gonna do the punk angle but really ramp it up
don't think punk actually wrestled for anyone else he just kayfabe threatened to.

apparently the plan is to have AJ actually go through with it and fight for other organisations (wrestle-1 has already announced 2 tna wrestlers for a show in November)

have him fight for "friendly" organisations like wrestle-1, AAA, OVW and maybe even PWG then show the footage on impact.
just don't strip him of the belt

hopefully they do something like this

Yes some angles don't go according to plan.But TNA just flat out stop them...and do it more regulary than any other promotion
Its been 6 years of reboots at least a few a year , this will be no different.
Theyre already doint the power hungry owner that WWE is but even worse , WWE's is bad TNA's .
They're going do the Punk ange but ramp it up , as in better AJ cant talk , Wrestle 1 AAA OVW , That's be cool but most people couldn't give a fuck...Couldnt they get him on big NJPW AAA Shows .Showing him at a Ballroom infront of 50 people shouldnt happen , AAA and Wrestle1 if they draw 1-2000 crowds yes.

So another year another reboot

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