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GATORADE today became an official partner of A.C. Milan for the 2011-2012 season. The number 1 sports drink in the world will stand side by side with the Italian Champions in training and during their matches, helping the players improve performance thanks to a formula that is the fruit of 45 years of research and sporting experience.

MILAN - GATORADE, the sports drink characterized by its lack of aroma and artificial coloring will be an official AC Milan partner for 2011-2012. The deal was signed today between Massimo Ambrosini, CEO of PepsiCo beverages in Italy and Adriano Galliani. Marco Bogarelli, president of Infront sports also took part in the meeting as the club’s sponsorship advisor.

The deal was symbolically signed by Galliani being presented with a historic glass bottle of Gatorade and a company advertisement dating back to 1989, the year of Milan’s third Champions League victory, symbols of a successful partnership that is now back on track.

Adriano Galliani, in turn, presented the company CEO with a shirt belonging to his namesake, club captain, Massimo Ambrosini.

“It’s with great pleasure that we are once again a collaborator with a club of such prestige” – said Ambrosini – “Born in a sporting context and evolved through the years thanks to scientific research and the help of world class athletes, Gatorade today is the choice of sporting champions the world over.

We’re convinced that the Rossoneri will also appreciate the products quality and functionality with today’s odorless formula.

The deal between the two goes beyond mere sponsorship because we’ll also supply a consultancy service for the players and staff.

We’ll be looking to give the Milan staff all the help we can so that the Rossoneri will get the most out or our product, the fruit of 45 years of research in sports science.

We know what we’re doing as our product contributes every day to improving the performance of millions of sports people, both professional and others. We can also offer the work done by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute which tests the benefits of our product every day.”

"Gatorade is one of the bets known brabds in the world of isotonic drinks. A name that immediately conjures up images of top sports people because where there’s Gatorade, there’s sport.

We really happy that today a company that has made its name in the sports research comes back as a collaborator to A.C. Milan, the Italian Champions”, said club CEO Adriano Galliani.

"We both share a history os success, objectives set and targets reached. I’ve always appreciated their ability as much to innovate as to communicate, by which I mean the use of the name Gatorade on the subs bench when no one else was doing it. Gatorade is a step ahead, just like Milan.”

“We’ve been following Milan since last season”, –said Marco Bogarelli, president of Infront Italy – “Selecting only the best known sponsors whose values reflect the club’s own.

We’re very satisfied with this new deal which allows Milan to add the name Gatorade to it’s list of sponsors and we hope that it can be the start of a solid and long lasting partnership.”

On the field collaboration and visibility.
The partnership with the Rossoneri announces the presence of GATORADE in professional football.

The deal with Milan will see the club’s players use the product both in training and during games as well as collaboration between the club’s medical staff and the GATORADE Sport Science Institute.

The deal will also see the brand visible at the stadium and on the Milan bench at the San Siro stadium.

GATORADE is back as an A.C. Milan sponsor after four years. The sports drink is also collaborating with A.S. Roma, F.C. Internazionale, Bologna FC, Udinese Calcio, S.S Lazio, Palermo, Cagliari and Genoa.

GATORADE’S commitment to the sporting world.

Both in training and during games, GATORADE is commited to guaranteeing the correct levels of hydration in a sportsman’s boby.

The deal with A.C. Milan can be added to the long list of partners that have GATORADE as their official supplier. In 2010, more than 200,000 liters of the product were used during sporting events by over 150,000 sports people worldwide.

GATORADE Sports Science Institute (GSSI)

Since its founding in 1965, GATORADE has looked to scientific research for the production of the sports drink so as to have as much benefits as possible to the drinker.

It was in 1988 in Barrington, Illinois that the first research centre was opened. The GSSI studies hydration of athletes and shares it finding s with universities and nutrition experts the world over.

The simple aim is to improve the performance as well as the well-being of the athelete. The work done by the GSSI is of tangible benefit to sports professionals the world over.

Information on GATORADE

The GATORADE formula, world leader in isotonic drinks, came about in the 1960’s thanks to a group of researchers at the University of Florida.

They were looking for a way to reintegrate the liquids and the mineral salts lost during American football games.

This led to a huge number of sporting coaches looking for the same advantages for their athletes.

Today GATORADE is the sports drink of choice for Usain Bolt, Serena Williams and many, many more

In Italy GATORADE, besides being indespensable for anyone who practices sports, also sponsors numerous sporting events.

GATORADE lends it’s name to numerous teams and athletes in football, basketball, rugby, volleyball and cycling.
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