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5/19/2010 4:12:00 PM

A.C. Milan and Infront presented yesterday, at Villa Gernetto, in the heart of Brianza at Lesmo, the new commercial strategies for the 2010/11 season.

VILLA GERNETTO, May 18, 2010 - Starting from the 2010/11 season up to 2016, Infront will be alongside AC Milan in the research, selection and management of the shirt sponsorships.

Infront offers AC Milan a great experience which matured during the years of sports events organizations, in the sponsporing and the strategic consultancy of marketing. Strong thanks to an international network which has 24 offices in 10 countries, Infront holds a big portfolio of rights in the football world, amongst which the distribution of the Asian media rights related to the FIFA 2010 and 2014 World Cup, Infront is the partner of the most important European leagues, including the Lega Calcio Italiana and the French one, and represents many European football federations, amongst which the German federation and various clubs, like Werder Bremen and Schalke 04.

Following the philosophy of 'less is more', experimented with success in various sports events, Infront proposes a new strategic approach based on a number of more restricted Sponsors than the previous season.

There will be four levels of sponsorships: Top Sponsor, Premium Sponsor, Official Partner and Official Supplier. The exposed brans will be majorly selected from the 42 of the last season to the 32 of the new season.

This way, the commercial partners will be assured more television visibility thanks to a new format of exposure. The new format of exposure will allow consequently an increase of visibility of the Top Sponsor, four times more than in the past.

The Top Sponsor will also have the availability of four Rossoneri players selected by AC Milan to promote their brand associated with the club's image during press conferences, tv spots and commercials.

For the sponsors, Infront has also projected a new Concept of Corporate Hospitality for the Serie A, Tim Cup and friendly matches. It will be an area dedicated and reserved to follow comfortably the home games with panoramic view on the pitch, open balcony and table serves for dinner and lunch.

AC Milan and Infront will continue to evaluate the web strategy and new media, already implemented during the years at the club, through the 'Milan Media Factory', an integral pole of production which will allow to produce contents related to the Rossoneri's team on various platforms: satellites, Internet (website, webTV, community, social network) and mobile.

"The new and innovative platform on the sponsorship which Infront has studied for Milan will surely be able to evaluate further all the commercial partnerships," illustrated Adriano Galliani, vice president and general manager of Milan. "Today Mila is the highest bran amongst all the Italian teams and this new agreement will allow us to remain in the international football elite, taking advantage of the worl network created by Infront, with the scope of increase commercial and sponsorship profits and allign ourselves to the levels of the other European countries."

"Infront has projected for AC Milan a commercial partnership formula which is really innovative," declared Marco Bogarelli, president of Infront ITaly, "Which allows the company who want to flank their brand to the Rossoneri's club, solutions ad hov able to implement further the visibility. Infront will offer AC Milan its experience matured in Italy and internationally in football and in other sports."

Infront is the leader in Italy in the management of sports rights (TV, media and publishing) and one of the most important operators from the world level in that sector. Committed in the production, aggregation and distribution of the media contents, in the technical services tied to the distribution of the television signal, in the organization of sports events, in the sponsoring of the strategic consultancy of marketing, the company has 130 professionals in their Milan and Rome headquarters. Its main ctivity are the Advistor role of the Lega Calcio for the commecialization of the tv and media rights, the marketing management and the AC Milan, SS Lazio, US Citta di Palermo and Cagliari Calcio sponsorship, apart from the management of the television and publishing rights of the Alpine and Nordic sckiing, Snowboard and Freestyle world cup, apart from the organizations of events like the horseriding competition at Piazza di Siena.
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