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Originally Posted by Ashish View Post
Serie A is stone aged shit.. an excuse for warlike men to go rampant ... Football used to be good years ago.. degraded into shit on and off the field, financially and socailly its in a bad shape.
I have a different theory on it. Serie A is stone age cause of finances mostly. Today the van basten's desailley's of there time would go to epl cause of money.

Serie A teams have been forced to try to find players otherways....
be it finding a steal like players from regions less scouted, take advantage of market opportunitieS (like zlatan/robinho... or etoo/sneijder or... huntelaar ), or using older players with class and attempting to scheme a way to make up for there declining physical nature.

It's all tied back to money

Originally Posted by ACmen View Post
Only Milan can punish it's own fans by qualifying for CL. I'm off to sleep, another year wasted. When will this fucker be fired..
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