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Originally Posted by Sheva0172 View Post
My last night in Barcelona i got mugged. They took my phone out of my pocket when they surrounded me with 5 guys (1 distracted me while doing some weird dance-like moves around me). Also my friend was robbed, they took his necklace while he was wearing it (how the hell did they do that?). My friend busted one of them on the head with a beer can, but my phone was already long gone..

O yeah, we where drunk as hell. Surely that didn't work out in my advantage.

To bad, had some really cool pictures but most of all movies on my iPhone when Milan scored the 2-2 and the Barca fans were leaving . My travelers insurance only refunds 150 euro's while an iphone 4 is worth around 600 euro's. So got fucked pretty hard by those Spanish dickheads.

Am a bit frustrated. Still enjoyed the trip and the first & last minute of the game though
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