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Originally Posted by leaf View Post

Every year is a "big improvement" my big black ass

FIFA 16 is almost unplayable as you routinely have players OUTRUNNING your passes The interceptions are absurd. The ball ALWAYS moves faster than the player in general, but in this game it's the opposite

Also there are numerous instance that the game simply takes over and determines the outcome. You could organize your defense perfectly and they will part like the Red Sea to allow a striker in.

You can station a defender at the far post and a ball will still sneak in without him batting an eye.

Unless you are absolutely and squarely facing a direction, you can't pass or shoot the ball in said direction...which is fucking ridiculous since if you have to simulate this motion, then you have to simulate the counter-response to it...which isn't.

Milan is pure shit.....that's realistic I guess

Maybe I get more salty every year as Milan becomes more shit every year....I remember beating the shit out of everybody in 2004-2005 *sigh*
This was balotelli in last years fifa, i mean for fucks sake it's almost racist

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