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Originally Posted by AndreiX View Post
so no more left stick up, 2 bars of power, release on contact ?
Not exactly. There are a few steps to it which can all affect the flight of the ball.

Step 1: Use the right stick to move your player left, right, up (closer to the ball), down (backing away from the ball). If you choose to, you don't need to move your player at all.

Step 2: Power up

Step 3: Move the left stick to change spin (this may be simultaneous with the power up)

I tried out a few different scenarios. Walking away from the ball and running at it straight on with top spin resulted in a really cool looking knuckle shot, which I've never seen before on FIFA. Can just imagine the possibilities.

Originally Posted by Ultra Swan View Post
Haven't you noticed in 16, whether you Pass(Ground and Air), Shoot or Cross, the ball has next to no curve and instead goes in a fairly straight line?

And the more the ball should horizontally arc, the more it vertically arcs?

Most notable when crossing or switching play from one flank to another via lob pass.
Not sure, usually depends on who is passing it for me.
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