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Thiago silva is wasted as a DM, he does the job but he should only play there when MVB needs rest (assuming ambrosini is injured)

I'd suggest that Milan play aquilani on the right limiting abate from attacking, MVB as the anchor man, seedorf on the left side with taiwo behind him and robinho behind ibra and cassano/pato

I'd play nocerino on the left as well, but that would give taiwo attacking freedom with nocerino playing on his preferred left side and covering him.

Aquilani MVB Seedorf/nocerino


problem is, Milan don't have the quality depth to do this unless quality midfielders are signed, so if one of those players gets injured we are stuck with the likes of rino, urby and boateng, all who are technically limited, and urby just simply doesn't fit Milan unless its at LCM with a ball player playing in the staring XI.

playing a midfield of aquilani/mvb/seedorf/robinho would ensure Milan get the movement/work rate/passing ability they need + the midfield wouldn't have problems playing the ball if they are getting pressed.

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