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Originally Posted by necromancer View Post
Yup, that's more or less a complete picture. Good post. And this is why Robinho doesn't fit in there.
Yes and no.

That's why it doesn't work with Robinho is AM with Pato/Ibra. Cause Pato cannot take that wide position consistently well. Where as Cassano loves to take that position, particularly off the left side, and Robinho (unlike Boateng) can drop deep and collect ball effectively.

But in actuality when we used the Robinho/Cassano/Ibra tri-dent it worked reasonably well (small sample of games). We did actually win all 4 games, combine 9 goals, 1 conceded-

Granted the 3-0 win over Bari was coppa italia and the Chievo game was won with that awesome Pato solo effort....

Originally Posted by ACmen View Post
Only Milan can punish it's own fans by qualifying for CL. I'm off to sleep, another year wasted. When will this fucker be fired..
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