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Originally Posted by pussycat_doll
Inter have also inserted a $20 million penalty clause for any foreign club which wants to sign him before then.

Forget him.
wot currency euros? coz then that to much but im sure they would let him go cheaper they wouldnt wana delay it then wait a while tthen ppl realise he isnt that good. i saw him againts barca to be honest was decent but is lazy and lost tthe ball way to much however over time he will become stronger and bigger. i also beleive that he is being hyped up like most brazialns are and ripping ppl off. however i beleive we should sign him for the future. think bout it maybey 10 years playing for milan. buy him then loan him out to another serie a team get experiecne or mayeby he can do a kaka n have a splendid first season n prove us all wrong. 20mil today would be nufing to wot it could be in the future if the hype is proven right and im sure we wouldnt be making an offer if they didnt do there homework propley coz u no our management doesnt spend unless they really want tto. maybey let him play out the rest of this season at inter then buy him have a prearranged transfer.

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