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Liverpool have been good but they need to close this game, if they take too long then i can see Sunderland sneaking one in.

Adam has been superb, great delivery on the cross and Suarez equally good bar that PK
suarez and adam are probably my favorite players in epl. Suarez definitely but Adam is a very solid CM. Weird combo. Uncomfortable with fact I like liverpools squad the most.

Sorry man utd fan, i'm rooting for them. They will get top 4, Suarez will be Player of the season. He's simply a level above the EPL like Ronaldo was.

sidenote: I rarely get bitter over 'missed transfers' but suarez i do. Milan linked for years, and take Zlatan and Robinho instead. He's better than those two and pato. Zlatans only one near as complete, but i'd side with Suarez cause of his mobility and ability to play off ball.

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Only Milan can punish it's own fans by qualifying for CL. I'm off to sleep, another year wasted. When will this fucker be fired..

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