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Originally Posted by Dzidzius View Post
Man, that is the problem of Milan fans.
We always pretend that payers are not good enough, other teams dive etc etc etc
It is victimising yourself while blaming whole world for our own fuck ups just for a feel good factor.

When Pep took over they played so bad that my polish team beat them at home. Everyone was picking on him for sticking up with Pedro, Busquets and several other players today considered as world class. He made it, he won those trophies. He also re-worked all set up every single year. Comparing him with Al is ******ed and offensive. Even their trasnfers aren't that shocking comparing to our purchases.

If we have a chance of getting him then lets do it as soon as we can and send Al to save some other club from relegation which is about his level.
Who would consider Pedro and Busquets world class , especially Pedro is nothing special at all.

To me Pep is a mediocre trainer, he wouldn´t get away with his "tactics" at any other club, especially not in Serie A.
He was always weak against clubs with experienced players and defensive-tactical football, imagine him with players worse than his Barca material in a league where nearly everybody does the stile mentioned above.

Allegri is a good coach, Capello might be better but not as hungry for success. I can live with both, but I would stick to Max and to all who say he has no tactics, simply look how his 4-3-1-2 transforms to a 4-2-2-2 or a 4-2-3-1 during a match or how he organised defensive concepts, like he did against Barca...
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