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Are you joking? Allegri got a christmas gift of top players he could normally just ask for an autograph. Only one thing he did at Milan is to play a simple tactic- too simple to allow players to fuck something up while too simple to achieve anything. He got coach of year award while Mou got a fucking trebble - that how pathetic Serie A is.
Point me one team which hires Al after us? None comes to the mind besides some relegation battle. Point me one team which wouldn't like Pep - none in the world.

Busquets not WC in his position at the moment? Lolololol and I only pointed him out as people say that Al has not good enough players. Look at Barca on the paper: bunch of kids, Busquets, Pedro, Evra, Mascherano as CB, Keita, Alcantara - nothing amazing on paper. It is the system which was winning. Can you say that about our system?

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