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I am willing to bet Italy will have a terrible Euros. Prandelli has been very average IMO.

Many of his call-ups (not just the recent one) are puzzling, and his tendency to use a midget forward partnership instead of a classic CF so that he wouldn't be a 'reference point' annoys me, so does using Montolivo and Giovinco at the tip of the midfield diamond.

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Every midfielder in this list has had a better season than Aquilani. Very justifiable omission.
I highly doubt that. Though I am not sure so I'll ask you this: Has Cigarini, Diamanti, Schelotto, and Verratti had better seasons than Aquilani? I haven't watched them enough to judge.

I like Diamanti but is he really NT material? And I'm aware that Schelotti is a winger. Plus Giac's inclusion is just inexplicable.

Another thing to take into consideration is that Aquilani has been a part of the NT setup over the last 2 years. It really makes no sense to exclude him now and include a majority of new faces right before the tournament. Prandelli is still stuck on basing selections over form, while NT's like Germany and Netherlands have proven that running the NT like club football works best.

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It is a solid squad, classic underdogs this time, but that's a situation that works very well for Italy.
I really think it's an incredibly average squad. The defense is just okay. The midfield is quality and has interesting options, but there's no one to play at the tip of the diamond. Montolivo isn't at his best there. But a combination of Pirlo, Motta, De Rossi, Marchisio, and Montolivo is definitely class no doubt. And the attack is definitely the worst I've seen in Italy's NT since I started watching football.

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The one guy I'd have liked to see in the squad was Quagliarella.
Quagliarella, Matri, Pepe, Mauri, Aquilani, maybe Poli, maybe Ledesma.

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The calls are based on merits, not name. Something I root for.
What about guys like Ranocchia, Giac, and Borini? Hell even Cassano and Balotelli were called up based on their name. Cassano is just back since October and Balotelli hasn't been regularly playing + broke the 'code of ethics' but I guess now when it's Euros time there it's not taken into consideration.

But don't get me wrong, I'm 100% pro Cassano's inclusion, I'm just negating your argument.
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