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Originally Posted by Fiero View Post
I really doubt he'll make the final 23, and even if did I hardly see him featuring.
Irrelevant, as we were discussing his merits to be in the 32 viz-a-viz Aquilani.

Yeah it's a style I don't like. I don't mind no classic CF's but I don't appreciate the support striker fetish. In a forward pairing, a support striker has to partner either a classic CF or an out and out striker. Balo is one but the rest are midget support strikers. Should have called up either Matri or Quagliarela or both. And he has used Matri and Pazzini in the qualifications. Needless to say, Pazzini already made everything possible not to be included.
I'd much rather this style than have a useless CF around. A useless CF is the worst thing to see in football. Matri sucks.

Also thankfully G. Rossi is going to miss the tournament. I know you like him, but I don't.
Not really. I dont like him actually. What gave you the reverse impression?
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