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Originally Posted by acmilan4ever View Post
I agree about the Liga Sagres, only the matches between Sporting, Benfica and Porto are really worth watching but the rest are just

I had high hopes for Sporting to make it a 3 way for the title but looks like it will be a fight between them and Braga for that final CL playoff spot.

About the RPL, i had read that they might consider it at the end of this season, in any case they will probably have to wait from end of November till the following August to start a new season to have it run the same time as the other European leagues...Its a very difficult case, problems with the fitness and inactivity of the players, revenue loses etc...

I still doubt that they will implement it, might have done it had they won the WC bid
The solution I think is to make one season 6 months longer, so lasting 1 year and a half, making more league rounds or something, starting the next one in August. I think the problem is that their winter is very hard so it kinda makes no sense playing in December and January while vacation during the better weather to play.
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