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Originally Posted by Izanagi View Post
i'm planning to look for a cheap japanese tuition

learned Mandarin and English by watching movies and listening to others but Japanese is a bit more difficult for me

The indies, not really my cup of tea.

Dean Ambrose is rated very highly by the indy lovers, but I like Roman Reigns more so far.


So Bully Ray cut Genesis promo & on the poster, but he's suspended?
you speak mandarin too?
what language you speak at work?


el generico is good and very solid worker.

PAC is just an acrobat but will be able too pull out some insane spots.
finisher will be a corkscrew, shooting star press, 450 into a swanton dragonrana.........or something.
....cena will still kick out of it

yeah, reigns has that star look, he better not piss off cena
I like what the WWE has done with the shield.


I don't even understand that shit
hopefully he turns on TNA and sides with the A&8's the desperately need it.
I think that's where this is going, the hogan vs bully and A&8 story lines will collapse into one.

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