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oh ffs, wat age are u-10? u sound very precious altogether this happens EVERYWHERE! and in EVERY stadium in EVERY league across the world, spain, england, germany, italy they are all the same. every teams fans call the oppostition fans all sorts no matter where u go, and yes its all part of the 'fun' (for a want of a better word) of it. stop talkin about all this "class" rubbish, football is a middle class sport-end of. we all know this and we are all happy enough to follow our teams regardless of this. a few swear words here and there in the stadiums are no big deal. its not as though every chant is broadcast on our tv's and shown to young kids having a bad influence on them. and u talk about milan fans slaggin off teams from the south, oh yes thats right-when we go down to naples or bari they dont open their mouths to our fans. seriously get over it dude

and i dont think that eto song is necessarily racist
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