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Originally Posted by Fiero View Post
As you all know, our first and biggest ultras group was Fossa dei Leoni. In fact, it was the first ultras group in the all of Italy. They were mainly left wing (Berlu irony ) and lasted for 38 years until they dissolved in 2005 due to political problems (mainly due to the banners robbed by Juve). That didn't last long as after a month the many of the old members created a new group named Guerrieri Ultras Curva Sud Milano, I'm assuming the current Curva Sud Milano have something to do with them. (please somebody correct me if I'm wrong).

Other groups that always struggled for political power are Brigate Rossonere and Commandos Tigre.

We are only friends with Brescia of course.
I can be wrong here but it's quite a few time since I last saw the older Brigate stuff in San Siro. Aren't Curva Sud Milano a general name for the Curva now? Brigate, the little groups... All seem to be adopting this name and the flag instead of the older one's.

Commandos Tigre seem to be the only ones still using their name and the banner with the yellow tiger.
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