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Originally Posted by Interistar View Post
LOL, didn't know that Booba was popular in non-french speaking countries

Lol, to sum it up very quickly, his feud wth ROHFF dates from years ago, when they had a featuring that wasn't edited because of business issues, since then they hate each other, but didn't attack one another directly, tht was just 4 months ago that Rohff dissed Booba who replied. As for La Fouine, don't really know why they beefin', just some random rivalry.

As for this tune, there isn't any link with the Club in the lyrics, just one reference once when he says "Pour eux, il n'y a plus d'espoir, Rouge/Noir Kopp (Booba's other nickname), AC Milan) "For them no hope left, Red/Black, Kopp, AC Milan"

A quick explanation is that his enemies don't have hope anymore, since Booba sends them to Hell, just like the devil (thus the parallel with AC Milan).
Another explanation is that he often refers himself as the most titled rapper in the game, so he would be drawing a parralel with the "most titled club in the world".

Booba wins the beef hands down.

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