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whilst investin' in younger players wud be a gd move... wif the likes of Bonera & Zaccardo... big match experience esp in europe wud prove vital if Milan wants to perform well again next season in the champions league...

Oddo tho not my fave choice of signin'... does hv the necessary experience hvin' represented Italy at the national lvl...

personally i think Simic shld be given a go wif MUCH more playin' time... how r we to entice players over to Milan if all we do to our new signin' is lettin' them warm the bench? i feel if given more playin' time... Simic wud prove to be more than a capable replacement for the departin' Cafu... i feel if next season all Simic does is warm the bench... he mite consider his options... and who is to blame him?
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