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Originally Posted by rossonero1 View Post
Li is just a face. I don't think he is the real owner or guy running the show. Everyone knew going in he didn't have the resources to run the club long term and he wouldn't have spent 200m if that was the case if he was dealing with a massive loan. The real owner is still a mystery and for some reason can't be identified. Li may be involved in some form, but I think there are still higher ups above him.
real owners are ma huateng and hui ka yang

Originally Posted by AC Kid View Post
That’s a bitchslap from UEFA after they got bitchslapped by PSG and Manchester City
even inda created a fake suning training ground sponsorship of 40m/year(while pirelli pays 10m/year or something similar) to avoid ffp and so on.
i dont see why we cant do the same

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