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Originally Posted by taura View Post

Andrea Bricchi
La Roma, se ho capito bene, avrebbe avanzo di 43M (ultima offerta per Malcom). Vuole NZonzi, costa 28. Avanzerebbe 15 da dare al #Milan per #Suso, pi 1 contropartita. Il Milan vuole solo cash (37/38), per ovvi motivi. Leo potrebbe essere rimasto a Milano a lavorare su questo.

He is claiming that Roma has ~45m ready to spend on the market (they wanted to pay 43m for Malcom). They really want N'zonzi who will cost them 28m. So they'll have ~15m. They really want Suso and they're offering us 15m + another player. We only want cash (~38m) but there's a chance Leo stayed in Milan to work on the solution for both clubs
If they want Suso they can pay 15m + Under so we get a direct replacement.
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