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Andrea Bricchi
La Roma, se ho capito bene, avrebbe avanzo di 43M€ (ultima offerta per Malcom). Vuole N’Zonzi, costa 28. Avanzerebbe 15 da dare al #Milan per #Suso, più 1 contropartita. Il Milan vuole solo cash (37/38), per ovvi motivi. Leo potrebbe essere rimasto a Milano a lavorare su questo.

He is claiming that Roma has ~45m€ ready to spend on the market (they wanted to pay 43m€ for Malcom). They really want N'zonzi who will cost them 28m€. So they'll have ~15m€. They really want Suso and they're offering us 15m€ + another player. We only want cash (~38m€) but there's a chance Leo stayed in Milan to work on the solution for both clubs
If they want Suso they can pay 15m + Under so we get a direct replacement.
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