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Just saw Million Dollar Baby and Finding Neverland, loved them both in pretty much different ways...they both had really sad endings, but they ended up giving you a different feelings.
I prefered Finding Neverland for just a reason: I never liked boxing, nor am I a fan of blood, which is very present in Million Dollar Baby, still the rest of the movie was so good I can take for granted all those things. On the other hand I also saw The Aviator, and found it's not that bad, but I think is kind of overrated.

Other movies I love(that can go in "stupid movies I love") are:
Kung Pow-Stupidest movie ever, but it's just so damn funny, just because you know is done with that purpose.
Space Balls-How no to laugh with a parody of Star Wars? "I'm your father's brother's nephew's cousin's roomate"
Happy Gilmore-Just love the part when they are bleeping some of the words.
Little Nicky-Didn't like most of the movie with the exception of one part in the end which they say "this guy", oh yeah! and "the most ugly kids ever".
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