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Since we got Nesta Berlusconi has said tthat it is now possible for Milan to play with 3 men on the back line. This is what we need a 3-2-3-2.




--SEEDORF(della bona)--RIVALDO(rui costa)--PIRLO(serginho)---


none of the 3 defender are really attackers all that much as well so those 3 stayed anchored at the back which allow Milan to attack with 5 men constantly with gattuso and ambrosini (very good possession midfielders) feeding the ball into the attack and when necessary attack with 7 players and still have an excellent back line. Of coure omasson would always be 1st choice sub as forward or they could play Rivaldo upfront and put rui costa in as the AM. I think this would be a great team to field and watch and could produce a lot of goals.

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