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Originally Posted by Rex
Post your best formation.

----------------------Maldini ----------------Kaladze-----------------------------
----------------------Rui Costa---------Rivaldo-----------------------------------

This is how milan must play because all opponents play wit 1 or 2 strikers
so we dont need 4 or 5 defenders. We need attacking football with players who can play 1 touch football en have creative instinct just like Real Madrid but this MILAN will be MUCH BETTER. and for Rivaldo he is not a striker he is a number 10 player just like Rui Costa,so you will have two numbers 10 players a right footplayer(Rui Costa) and a left footplayer(Rivaldo)and then you will see the real Rivaldo.And for Seedorf and Serghino they must keep the field very wide so you heva more space to play attacking football.BECAUSE THE BEST DEFENCE IS ATTACK.and there is no arguing about this is the only way this milan can and must play.I hope that Carlo Ancelotti and Silvio Berlusconi read this mail so we can finally see a Milan ply like in the good old days.

The biggest MILAN fan of all times.
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