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If Inter doesn't leave San Siro, and Milan fails to buy the rights, then why not build our own stadium? Time is running out, no one is doing something. I only hear Galliani's whining, blah blah blah. Berlu is supposed to be the president (+ of Italy). I know he is dealing with the country's economic problems right now, but ffs in that position, he could at least give a helping hand or maybe he doesn't want a change afterall...
Berlu has done everything for the club, he is a legend. I just wish he was out from the politics and start focusing on Milan/his company (as everyone know Fininvest still needs to pay for a huge payment). Everything is under control, but we need financial success (revenue, sales and etc), which again means constructing a stadium. Our Milan is one of the richest and most supported team, so being in such a situation is already a shame. Take action now or suffer, that's the only thing I have to say. Serie A is already falling behind EPL, La Liga and Bundesliga, I believe even other shitty leagues are doing better than this.
Look on Juventus, Roma and other Italian teams, all of them are going in the right path, getting their own stadiums. Why can't Milan start doing the same and not wasting any more time on this issue?

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