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Originally Posted by sheva View Post
Honestly, after watching him for a full season I still don't get what his use is for the team.
Is he a 50\50 midfielder? Then he's not exceptionally well at both defending and (especially) attacking.
Holding the ball kind of midfielder? Good, except that this role is not really useful in today's football.
He just seems to be a brainless runner to me.
And about the best buy of the season- c'mon, we bought a committed and technically gifted player in the form of Hakan, can't remember when we last had this since the era of the Senatores.
Lost a bit of respect for him for not taking one of the first 5 pks vs Lazio considering he is supposed to be a dead ball expert.

Aside from that he bitches way too much and hits the deck far too often.

Also he only started to perform in the last couple of months where as Kessi has been on it from the get go and played 52 games.

This season i would give it to Kessi.. maybe Hakan can have it next season.

Originally Posted by IL Diavolo 3 View Post
Any news on Ramos? I donít even mind giving him #3
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