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Hi mods/admins, I would like to tell you my idea of a new thread we could make to add to our football, off-topic and other threads. With Serie A upcoming, maybe we could make a thread called Serie A like we have made Euro 2004.

This would have 1 post of each side in serie a, and these would be stickies as well as no new posts could be made. So, just my idea would be to make 20 posts each post carrying a teams name where we could talk about that team. Milans games would still be discussed in matches. I think this is a way to get to know other squads and talk about them easier than creating billions of new posts in other sections. It would be more neat and easy to get info and easy to post.

This is just my idea, so if you want to flame me, fire away, or if you want more info, just ask me.
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